Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design FAQ

How long will it take to build a website?
Typically 1 – 4 weeks for a standard sized website. This will differ depending on the size of the project and will be confirmed once we discuss your requirements.

How much will it cost?
My quotes are based on an hourly rate of $100/hr. The total price of your website will be determined by the full extent of your requirements.

How does payment work?
You’ll be invoiced 50% of the quoted price before any work will commence. The remaining 50% will be invoiced once the project is completed.

What ongoing costs are there?
I offer website maintenance plans which include different features at different price-points. These plans are automatically charged to a credit card monthly.

Will I be able to make content changes to our website?
Yes. If necessary, you’ll be given access to a Content Management System which’ll allow you to make changes to content on your website.

Will my website work on mobile devices?
Yes. With over 50% of web traffic now on mobile devices, it’s now standard practice to create mobile responsive websites.

Do you build apps?
No, but let’s talk before you decide you need an app. You could just need a responsive website.

We have an existing order system – can you make our website talk to it?
It depends what you’re using. Typically if it’s a Cloud Based system, this is more easily achievable.


What is SEO?
Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results. Ranking higher on Google’s first page, will result in an increase in website traffic.

Can you get my website on the first page of Google?
It depends what the competition is like for the search terms you want to rank for, this requires keyword research to determine. However, I can certainly improve your ranking overall. Anyone that promises to rank your website on the first page is probably a scammer, SEO is not an exact science.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?
Google will usually pick up on good SEO changes within a few weeks, but whether it changes your ranking will depend on the competition around your keywords.

What can I do to help rank higher on Google?
Building links to your website is the single most effective SEO strategy. Spend some time contacting your suppliers or customers and ask them to place a link on their website, linking to yours.

Digital Marketing FAQ

How do I get traffic to my website?
Digital Marketing is a broad term that includes a number of online marketing strategies which are designed to increase website traffic. Search engine advertising, social media advertising and email marketing are examples of popular types of digital marketing.

Can you advertise my website or products on Facebook, YouTube, Google or other websites?
Yes, I’m an experienced Google Adwords and Facebook advertising professional. These are the most popular advertising platforms on the internet.

Can you track results?
Yes, the great thing about digital marketing is the transparency and ability to generate reports. We have complete visibility over ROI and where money is being spent. I’ll generate monthly reports which will tell you everything you need to know.