The Easiest Way to get on Google’s Front Page

Building links to your website is widely regarded as the single most effective SEO tactic that will improve your Google ranking, but it can also be the most time consuming.

The basic principle is, a citation from a reliable source, suggests the cited source is reliable. The way Google knows if your content is trustworthy and valuable, is if other trusted websites are linking to it. The more links the better. If you don’t have quality links pointing to your website, you simply cannot rank on Google.


Google rates the popularity of a webpage by measuring the number of links pointing to it. If a webpage is popular, it must be more valuable. The more links you have pointing towards your website, the more important Google and other search engines will think it is, therefore ranking it higher in the search results.

Links from popular webpages are more valuable, and will result in your website ranking higher than links from less popular pages. Also, a link from a page with only few outward links, is worth more than a page with links to many other webpages.


Websites like news sites, universities and T.V. stations are given a high trust rating by Google. A link from a website like The NZ Herald, for example, is far more valuable than other websites. Domains that end in .gov or .edu also carry more trust. If I highly trusted website links to yours, it passes on that trust rating.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the clickable text which contains a link, often seen as “Click Here”, for example. The second most important thing after a link, is the Anchor Text used. The Anchor Text tells Google what your link is about. Using a search term or keyword that you wish to rank for on Google as your Anchor Text, instead of something generic like “Click Here”, will help you rank for those search terms on Google.

Sometimes other companies will link to your website using your brand name or domain name for the Anchor Text. It’s worth asking if they’ll change the Anchor Text to useful keywords. However, a brand name link is far better than no link at all.

Social Media

Social Media links and links left in blog comments are not as valuable as page links, because they use something called “No-Follow” links, which prevent search engines indexing them. However, you may receive visitors to your site though social links, which ultimately is your end goal, so it is worth creating social links for this reason regardless.

Easy Links To Get

Start with websites and blogs you already control. Link to your own websites using the keywords for which you want to rank. Most companies that own multiple websites will create a list of links in the footer of their websites, linking their company names. There’s no reason why you can’t create a more valuable link by using your keywords instead of company names.

If you sell branded products, a simple way to get some quality links is to reach out to your suppliers and ask them to list your website as a retailer. If you’re a supplier yourself, ask your resellers to link back to you.

Get listings in online business directories, niche and local directories. You may already be listed in local directories, check that they have your website listed.

Ask family and friends with websites or blogs to link to you.

Reach out to bloggers in your industry.

Further Link Building

Online forums like Reddit can be very effective in building links, as these links are often not “No Follow” links. Monitor forum threads relevant to your business and reply to comments and questions as often as you can, link to your website at the same time. Be careful not to spam and offer genuine, relevant and helpful advice.

Getting links form magazine and news websites can be very powerful, if your website contains content worth reporting on. You could pay for advertising and advertorials with media companies. The links you will receive will be top-notch in terms of trust and ranking.

The Short & Sweet

Link building can be a tedious task, but implementing a variety of link building techniques correctly, will improve your search engine ranking drastically. Links are the single most important SEO tactic when trying to rank in Google search results, if you do not have quality links pointing to your website, you will not rank on Google. Putting in the ground work required to reaching the font page of Google will result in a huge increase in traffic to your website, more customers and more sales.

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